Patient monitor UM 300-S efficient design

What makes patient monitors convenient in daily work in hospital?

Definitely you know that patient monitors must provide reliable measurements of vital signs, as well as be able to transmit data to a central station, to an HIS, or even to a smartphone. But what is the game-changing factor for the effective daily work with patient monitors? The answer is effective design.

Rest assured: we took this important factor into account when developing the UM 300-S patient monitors.

Due to the fanless technology, UM 300-S patient monitors has no fan holes, so neither dust nor infectious agents can penetrate the device.
Smooth screen occupies 90% of the square front panel.
There are no connectors or controllers on the front panel that make the disinfection process easy.
We do not use consoles. Due to UniPort™ technology all measuring modules in our extended set are mounted on the special back holder and do not interfere with the sanitation process.

Easy and effective sanitation of patient monitors is an important factor
in the fight against nosocomial infections!

But effective design isn’t just about easy sanitation, it’s also about pleasant work.

• True ultra-thin design: UM 300-S compact device right for units where extra space is the most valuable.
Durable aluminium casing for stable performance and daily operation.
Fanless passive cooling system: no fan holes — no way for dust and agents.
Universal VESA plate on the back panel: various mounting solutions for each clinical application.

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