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Need extended visualization for a patient monitor or ventilator? With UniScreen™ it’s possible! (VIDEO)

Multi-parameter patient monitors as well as expert-class ICU ventilators track and display a lot of vital parameters. Sometimes, it is even hard to make sense of all these numbers and waveforms, even with color coding and data grouping. Not to mention quick reacting to critical changes in essential metrics.

Of course, modern displays allow clinicians to customize the layout, and show only specific groups of data, channels, or numerical parameters. But sometimes this is not enough, because the device screen is also used to control settings and work with alarms, trends, and auxiliary widgets.

It is for this reason we implemented UniScreen™ technology that allows clinicians to visualize data on additional 22” HD display.


Extended visualization for convenient work with patient monitor

With UniScreen™, you can effectively set up monitoring data on the main screen and the additional display. It’s easy to customize and group the data for each clinical situation. 

The additional display does not duplicate information but helps you visualize parameters in the most convenient format.

Therefore, you can keep track of the vital data on the additional display and control parameters, settings, events, or trends. You can even work with the anesthesia record on the main screen.

patient monitor lung ventilator extended visualization uniscreen

UniScreen is compatible with both UM 300-S patient monitors and UVENT-S ICU ventilators.

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