Mount for bedside patient monitor UTAS

Wide range of mounts for UM 300-S Patient Monitors (VIDEO)

Every detail of the UM 300-S Patient Monitors is functional, technological, and ergonomic. We offer a wide mounts range for each clinical case: on the patient’s bed, medical rail, wall, or mobile rack. There are wide mount ranges for comfortable work with the equipment.

Place monitors for comfortable work

Various mounting options for UM 300-S provide convenient ways to install patient monitors in various clinical applications. By choosing UM 300, you can get:

• the swivel wall bracket
• the bracket for a vertical rack
• and the bracket for medical rail.

Additionally, the compact UM 300-10-S model has a mount that allows it to be affixed to a patient’s bed.

Finally, UM 300-S patient monitor can be installed on the mobile trolley with the basket for accessories.

You can also equip the trolley with basket (patient monitor cart, patient monitor roll stand) with a mount for additional display. We designed all these solutions with a focus on ergonomics, efficient work, and optimal control of monitoring parameters at all stages of treatment.

Wide range of mounting options for patient monitors

Bedside monitor mount on the patient’s bed

There is a special mount for the patient’s bed on the back panel of the UM 300-10-S Patient Monitor: it is easy to hang or remove, especially given its light weight.

Multiparameter monitor swivel wall bracket

For mounting the UM 300-S Patient Monitor on the wall close to the patient’s bed, or in the operating room. Convenient for accurate monitor position for viewing by clinicians.

Bracket for mounting patient monitor to medical rail

For mounting patient monitor on a standard medical rail. The bracket is securely attached to the VESA plate on the back of the monitor.

Bracket for mounting patient monitor on a vertical rack

The universal VESA plate provides special mounting on a vertical rack. The patient monitors are fixed securely in the necessary position.

Bracket for the additional medical monitor

The ability to expand but not not duplicate, and set up visualization effectively on additional 22″ HD-display with UniScreen™ technology. Mounted on the special mobile trolley with bracket.

Mobile trolley with basket \ Patient monitor cart

Suitable for UM 300-S patient monitors installation close to the patient’s bed and a quick move between units and rooms. The trolley is equipped with a basket for accessories. Wheels with the brakes conveniently lock the monitor in the necessary position.

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