MEDICA 2023 UTAS at medical equipment exhibition

UTAS Company took part in the MEDICA 2023 (VIDEO, PHOTO)

UTAS, as a manufacturer of innovative medical equipment, is proud to announce its successful participation in MEDICA 2023, one of the most prestigious international exhibitions in the field of medical equipment.

At our stand, we demonstrated the latest solutions in patient monitoring and respiratory support. All of them meet current needs for patient safety and the efficient work of clinicians. In particular, guests learned more about UM 300-S patient monitors and UVENT-S ICU ventilators. UTAS experts conducted product presentations, which aroused great interest among visitors.

The designers paid special attention to meetings with existing partners and newcomers. We are confident in the further development of partnerships to achieve common goals – providing quality medical care and innovative solutions for healthcare. UTAS thanks all the guests of our stand for their interest and willingness to develop a mutually beneficial partnership!

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