UTAS at ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan

UTAS took part in the international congress ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan

From October 21 to 25, Milan hosted one of the most important congresses for intensive care experts: ESICM LIVES 2023. UTAS took part in the event with its stand, where we presented the latest solutions in our equipment. What is more, UTAS specialists were able to receive invaluable feedback from those who work with patient monitoring and respiratory support every day. Those who give care and save lives every day.

During the congress, at the UTAS stand there were meetings with intensivists, presentations of new solutions in UVENT-S respiratory stations and UM 300-S patient monitors, as well as interactive master classes on working with our equipment.

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Meetings and hands-on at UTAS stand at ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan

In particular, the guests were very interested in the expanded range of NIV interfaces in UVENT-S ICU ventilators, namely a separate patient interface for ventilation with a helmet. It is the special mode with an adjustable base flow to “wash out” CO2. It allows patients to communicate with clinicians during therapy, read, use glasses, drink, and even eat food through a special port.

Another highly appreciated function was the automated generation of an anesthesia record in the UM 300-S patient monitors. The solution allows clinicians accurately record actual events in the operating theater, automate the manual completion of an anesthesia protocol, optimize workflow in the ICU, and improve document flow in the clinic.

The next ESICM LIVES 2024 will take place from 5 to 9 October in Barcelona. Save the date!

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