UTAS Held Training For Partners In Mexico

UTAS experts held a full-scale training course for our partners from Conduit Life SA. de C.V, Mexico. This is one of the biggest training in recent times — more than 30 managers and engineers of our representatives took part in it.

The training took place at the beginning of March in Mexico. Experts have been trained in the operation, setup, and maintenance of UVENT-S expert class ICU ventilators.

Being attentive to the state of equipment is important as caring for patients. We provide a full range of services to maintain the superlative state of medical equipment, including remote consultation, diagnostics, and software updates for monitors.

Moreover, we spend a lot of time training our partners all around the world: from South America to Europe and from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. For example, just last month, UTAS also held a large training course in Dubai for distributors from Algeria, Thailand, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, UAE, and Ethiopia.

Our partners should not only know about the latest solutions implemented in our medical equipment but also provide prompt and timely support for UTAS devices in the local hospitals. Especially when it is necessary to assist clinicians and support patients urgently.

Become a UTAS authorized representative and fulfill your ambition on a local medical equipment market with us. We are always close to you. Address your question to UTAS and communicate directly with the specialist you need. At your service will be Product Experts, Service Engineers, Sales and Marketing Managers. We offer flexible and profitable partnership agreements, taking into account the specifics of each market.

Fill the form and make a request for partnership!

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