ventilator mode Intelligent modes in UVENT-S

Intelligent Modes in UVENT-S ICU ventilator. Protective ventilation with adaptation to every patient’s breath

Ventilation modes are one of the key characteristics of a mechanical ventilator. Wherein, high-class devices must be able to adapt to the dynamic patient needs and allow a patient to control the breathing process.

It is for this reason that in UVENT-S ICU ventilator we implemented two intelligent adaptive modes: AdVent and ProVent. They provide protective ventilation with adaptation to patient’s breathing mechanics, smart triggering with artifacts elimination, and individual sensitivity for improved synchrony.

Adaptive ventilation modes

AdVent mode maintains operator-preset minute ventilation regardless of the patient‘s activity and automatically changeover to support ventilation taking into account spontaneous respiratory effort of the patient. The mode applies a lung protection strategy to increase patient safety and reduce ventilator-related complications.

ProVent is the newest intelligent ventilation mode in UVENT-S that provides operator-preset minute ventilation and auto-regulation of the parameters based on the patient’s respiratory activity.

• Respiratory support regardless of the patient’s breathing activity.
• Less time for adjusting parameters — more attention to the patient.
• Protective ventilation with automatic respiration rate detection and breathing mechanics continuous analysis.
• Effective weaning due to personalized support of the active patient.

Adaptive ventilation modes provide quality respiratory support to patients with optimal caregivers’ participation. By using intelligent ventilation modes clinicians can reduce the number of numerous readjustments of ventilation settings, which are commonly required during respiratory support as patient status continuously changes during therapy.

All modes, including intelligent ones, are already included in the UVENT-S basic configuration. No need to purchase additional modes or change models to achieve better clinical outcomes.

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