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Top 5 Criteria for Choosing a Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Finding a reliable partner in the field of medical devices is a great challenge. There is always a question for medical device distributors: Why should we work exactly with this company? So, if you’re a vendor considering medical equipment supplier not only for the next project but for long-term cooperation, the following criteria can set you up for a successful partnership.

1. Relevant expertise and expirience

Determine the specific expertise and proven abilities of medical equipment manufacturer. The problem may be the quality of the product, the inability to scale production, or simply maintaining supply at the proper level. Answer the questions: does his expertise fit your distribution development plans? Is the manufacturer open to innovation and improvement?

For example, UTAS has been implementing innovative projects in healthcare technologies since 1992. We supply our medical devices to more than 30 countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In-house R&D department and quick-response communication give us readiness for quick changes. Some of the already implemented solutions that we are proud of were implemented exactly in cooperation with our distributors.

2. Service and support

Look for a medical manufacturer who can provide comprehensive consulting for medical device installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Get answers to the questions: does the manufacturer contact with the distributor after delivery? Does it provide all the necessary updates, spares, accessories, manuals, maintenance kits, etc.? The problem here may be that the distributor or end user may be left alone with all issues that can arise.

We understand that being attentive to the state of equipment is as important as caring for patients. UTAS provides a full range of services to maintain the work condition of medical equipment, including remote consultation, diagnostics, and software updates. Our service engineers continuously work with experts on the distributor side, providing all the necessary guides and holding training. Moreover, we have innovative technology to provide service of the ventilators remotely via the Internet. They can provide online device diagnostics, adjustments, and software updates.

3. Commitment to quality

Not surprisingly, product quality is regarded as an essential factor in selecting a supplier. Here it is important to understand what standards and certifications the prospective partner’s production meets, and what approach to problem-solving it has.

UTAS is being regularly evaluated for reaching the standards of advanced medical equipment production by international notified bodies. Due to the recognition of the quality our products can be represented on the EU and world market. The company’s quality management system has passed international compliance certification and received EZU (NB 1014) ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditation. UTAS products have been certified according to European standards MDD 93/42/ЕСС and have СЕ-marking.

4. Open communication

Service is not only about the equipment. Manufacturer should maintain a policy of open communication. For example, successfully changing delivery details, or providing on-demand hands-on, solving issues with localization, creating additional materials — all this provides a more collaborative and flexible process.

In the history of UTAS, there are a lot of success stories not only regarding technical details. A significant part of the companionship is connected with logistics or marketing issues, e.g. promotional events or exhibitions. We support partners in the design of materials and stands, creating special publications, and localization of technical specifications. Who, if not the manufacturer, can help you to present the product better.

5. Flexible terms

Probably one of the big pains of distributors working with product suppliers is enslaving contracts, the same for companies of all regions and all sizes. This brings us back to the previous point about open communication. The question to ask here: is the company ready to change some terms in our rapidly changing world? Can supplier take into account the characteristics of the region, country, and specific medical procurement system?

Of course, UTAS is also aimed at constant development and reliability from our partners. At the same time, we are ready for flexible and profitable partnership agreements, taking into account the specifics of each market. We distribute products to more than 30 countries all over the world and we know very well how the sales conditions can differ. What is more important, is not frames but your ambitions and willingness to become part of the one big successful team.

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