ICU Specialists Appreciated UTAS Equipment New Features at ESICM LIVES Paris 2022

ICU & CCM specialists appreciated the expert-class capabilities of UVENT-S ventilators and UM 300-S patient monitors during their visit to the UTAS stand at ESICM LIVES 2022 Paris. The congress was held from 22 to 26 October in Paris, France.

Our guests participated in interactive workshops and presentations on new features of our medical equipment.

All meetings and activities at the UTAS booth took place in a cozy, friendly atmosphere. Our guests spent time with benefit, and we have received positive feedback from ICU specialists already working with our equipment. In addition, we’ve communicated with newcomers and presented the advantages of operating on UTAS products.

We held workshops on intelligent modes in UVENT-S ICU ventilators, a special mode for ventilation with a helmet, as well as work with the CPR mode during chest compressions.

Most Discussed Features

ProVent Intelligent Mode

Adaptation to every patient’s breath

ProVent is an intelligent mode that provides operator-preset minute ventilation and auto-regulation of the parameters based on the patient’s respiratory activity. ProVent — respiratory support regardless of the patient’s breathing activity.

Helmet ventilation

Increased patient comfort and safety

Non-invasive ventilation with a helmet is implemented in UVENT-S as a separate mode. Ventilation with the helmet is operated with adjustable CO2 “washing” base flow and the permanent base pressure level defined by PEEP.

CPR mode

Respiratory support in critical care

Expert-class ventilator should be your reliable assistant not only during intensive, but also critical patient care. CPR mode in UVENT-S — Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Ventilation provides relevant respiratory support and necessary guiding during chest compressions, time management, airway pressure, EtCO2 trend, and SpO2 monitoring.

UTAS regularly takes part in ESICM events, so see you next year — we’ll prepare new useful and inspired features again!

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