ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan UTAS participation announcement

On the way to ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan
— Congress For Intensive Care Experts

Just a few weeks left until the start 36th Annual Congress ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan — one of the main events for intensive care professionals. Advise to your clinical specialists to visit congress and UTAS stand 2-01.

Note that ESICM LIVES 2023 Milan will be held October, 21–25 but exact sessions and exhibition will be organized from Monday, 23.10 till Wednesday, 25.10.

UTAS experts will tell and demonstrate such functions as:

Automated Anesthesia Record in UM 300-S Patient Monitors
New Type Of Modular Monitors
CPR mode in UVENT-S ICU Ventilator
Intelligent Adaptive Modes in UVENT-S and nd much more.

Also, clinicians can find out more about AutO2 Function — the automated closed loop oxygen management system to maintain targeted SpO2 range. It can help to reduce human errors and decrease clinicians’ workload during FiO2 titration. Features: Closed loop FiO2 adjustment based on SpO2 readings; Charged with SpO2 Masimo SET®; Trends of SpO2 and FiO2 reading for better evaluation.



At UTAS stand we will show new solutions that assist clinicians and improve patient safety. The program of the event includes demonstrations and workshops. Plan your meetings, and advise to your clinical specialists to visit the congress and UTAS booth.

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