ICU patient monitor with PDF report UTAS

How to generate PDF Reports right from patient monitor? (VIDEO)

Everything that can be automated must be automated! Routine of creating reports can be delegated to patient monitor. This is the motto for the implementing new features in UM 300-S patient monitors, including the generation of PDF reports based on patient data and monitoring of vital signs.

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With PDF Reports feature in UM 300-S patient monitor, clinicians can generate reports based on monitoring data, save them to a USB drive or send them to print directly from the patient monitor.

Caregivers can use ready-made reports for detailed analysis, optimize the document flow in the clinic, keep important information in print format, or send data for consultation with colleagues.

Also, clinicians can generate reports on a layout with any healthcare provider’s letterhead.

It should be noted that PDF report feature is convenient to use for generating already created anesthesia records in UM 300-S.

The automated anesthesia record in UM 300-S Patient Monitors allows cliniсians to catalog actual events in the operating theater (OT), drugs administration, and the patient’s reactions to them (bleeding, bronchospasm, desaturation, etc.). As well as to register the correlated patient’s monitoring data: NIBP, HR, Temp, EtCO2, BIS™ and NMT.

How to get more accurate anesthesia record, while reducing clinician’s routine? (VIDEO)

The more accurate the recorded information, the greater the likelihood that the care will be tailored to the patient’s safety and individual needs. One can postulate that the accurate recording of a patient’s responses to anesthetic interventions will lead to better…

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