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NIBP SMART: Advanced Non-Invasive Blood Pressure in Patient Monitor UM 300-S

By choosing UM 300-S patient monitors, you get a wide range of measuring channels and high quality monitoring. To ensure this, UTAS cooperates with global top-class suppliers and innovation leaders. At the same time, UTAS has own strong development team, collaborating with clinical specialists. Our Research and Development department has many years of experience in the development measuring modules and software according to modern standards. The NIBP module is one of our own developments too, which we are rightfully proud of.

The NIBP channel is included in the basic configuration of the UM 300-S patient monitor, as well as SpO2, Temp, Resp, HR and ECG.

In the process of NIBP module development, we consider high requirements for resistance to artifacts and maximum adaptation to the patient’s age group to obtain reliable measurement results. As a result, you get not just non-invasive pressure measurement in the basic set of patient monitor, but NIBP SMART: a built-in NIBP channel with SMART (Synchronized Monitoring Arrhythmia Recognition Technology) synchronized monitoring system eliminates artefacts and assists in arrhythmias identification.

Advantages of NIBP SMART channel in the UM 300-S patient monitor:

• Advanced protection algorithm against artifacts
• Adaptation of the measurement process to the selected patient’s age category
• Auto detection of cuff size
• Venous puncture mode
• Fast measure mode
• Remote NIBP measurement from UNET-S central station

NIBP is in the basic configuration of UM 300-S patient monitor, as well as SpO2, Temp, Resp, HR and ECG

Let us remind you that UM 300-S patient monitor is a new type of modular monitor. All measuring modules in our extended set are compactly placed on the back panel without unhandy consoles, connected via universal UniPort™ connectors, recognized, and visualized automatically. All are compatible with all monitors in the unit.

Developed by UTAS, UniPort™ technology provides simple patient monitor configuration for each case: no more, no less than you need. Save money by only purchasing the necessary modules.

The same UM 300-S patient monitor can be easily configured for transportation, intensive care unit, or operating room. Even if the situation changes, clinicians can add new channels and start to receive necessary vital data that will enable them to make informed decisions.

Learn more about other channels that we are especially proud to develop:

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• EEG with amplitude integration function (aEEG) and intelligent pattern analysis

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