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How innovations in UVENT-S ICU ventilator improve patient safety during respiratory support

Patient safety is being recognized now as a large and growing global public healthcare challenge. The World Health Organization reports that medical errors are the third leading cause of death. In a recent survey emphasizes that incomplete patient data, inconsistent care, and alarm fatigue are the main threats to patient.

The priority of UTAS is to guarantee the high quality of our equipment, provide a complete and reliable amount of data on the patient’s condition, and make clinicians confident in their decisions even in a critical situation. It is for this reason that we are constantly innovating our UVENT-S ICU ventilator.

High-quality monitoring — key factor in the patient safety

When the doctor is unable to get the necessary information about the patient’s status, this often leads to unwanted complications during ventilation.

• For the patient’s status prompt diagnosis and choosing an individual therapy strategy, you have possibility to connect point-of-care portable ultrasound sensor.
• To evaluate the real patient’s status you get a wide range of monitored and calculated parameters (including SpO2 with Masimo SET®, and side- or mainstream CO2).
• To get a single respiratory station you can combine UVENT-S with the full-functional patient monitor.

Reducing risk of human errors

Human errors are causing unexpected and dangerous problems. UVENT-S ventilators have essential features to minimalize such an inaccuracy.

• Automatic pre-set of respiratory parameters depends on the patient’s anthropometric data.
• Illustrated patient connection guide.
• Multi-level audio-visual alarm system with messages about recommended actions.
• User notifications about potentially dangerous settings.
• Illustrated device and circuit auto checks.

Making respiratory support more safe

Ventilation is usually a stressful process for the patient. UVENT-S ICU ventilators make respiratory support and intubation process more safe and protected.

• Intelligent adaptive ventilation with AdVent and ProVent modes.
• AutO2 function: auto control and delivery of the minimum-effective oxygen concentration to keep SpO2 level within target range.
• Patient-ventilator synchrony smart triggering.
• Extended range of NIV interfaces: helmet, cannulas, masks.
• Innovative Intubation Support Tool with NIV preoxygenation; apneic high flow oxygenation during intubation process, and continuous monitoring of SpO2 and CO2.
• Tube positioning live visual control on HD-screen with compatible video laryngoscope.

Some features may be not available in your country.

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