Video. What should modern ventilators for COVID-patients be equipped with?

Video. What should modern ventilators for COVID-patients be equipped with?

Ventilators UVENT is our contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of high-quality hospital ventilators and demonstrated that there is a lot more to ventilation than just pumping air into a patient’s lungs.

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For the respiratory support of patients with coronavirus, UTAS Company has implemented several innovative solutions in UVENT ICU ventilators. Including non-invasive and protective ventilation modes, oxygen therapy with humidification, continuous and remote monitoring.

⚠️ Without features that are described in the video,
ventilators will be ineffective.
Moreover, they can harm patients and lead to barotrauma.

Solutions that UTAS implemented in UVENT ventilators support clinicians as the number of patients in hospitals continues to rise. Simultaneously, our solutions ensure patient safety, improve quality of care, and reduce potential risks, particularly the acute complications associated with COVID-19.

More information about UVENT Ventilators for COVID-19 patients you can read in our article.

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