Partnership with UTAS

UTAS Partnership: Let’s find the solutions together

Finding a reliable partner in the field of medical devices is a challenge. In a time of the search for a medical device supplier, there is always a question in the air:

‘Why should we work with this company?’

And we understand this point very well because when UTAS is looking for accessories suppliers or OEM-partners we are posing ourselves the exact same question. To facilitate the search for answers in this delicate matter, we gathered all useful information about UTAS partnership in this article.

Our goal
is to offer not just devices,
but complete solutions
to meet your needs

We are experts in medical devices production

We provide full-cycle development and service of advanced medical equipment. UTAS can be your partner in Patient monitors, ICU Ventilators, and Cardiographs.

  • Long history. Wide sales geography.
    Since 1992 UTAS implements innovative projects in healthcare technologies.
    Our distributors’ chain consists of 35 countries and we always desire to expand the market.
  • Agile company structure.
    Instead of huge companies that have an enormously long development cycle, UTAS works by principles of a short feedback loop and adaptation cycle.
  • We work closely with customers and partners to discover what the real needs are.
    To find solutions for even the most difficult situations, we collaborate with leading world clinical centers.
  • Our products are consistently high in quality.
    Every member of the team is working hard to guarantee the enforcement of medical devices’ production standards.
  • Good service is our priority.
    We provide a full range of services to maintain the work condition of medical equipment, including remote consultation, diagnostics, and software updates.
  • Service is not only about the equipment.
    We support customers and partners in an efficient way. Address your question to UTAS and communicate directly with the specialist you need.

Good service is our priority

Be attentive to the equipment’s condition just as important as caring for patients.

UTAS.UVENT ICU Ventilator has been checked for malfunctionsUVENT ICU Ventilator has been checked for malfunctions
    • Fast diagnostic and resolving your problem via Internet or telephone.
    • Effective repair or components replacement in case of serious malfunctions.

    With you, we share the success

    UTAS team believes that the only way to succeed is by nurturing the partnership.


Our belief is that that customers, distributors, and UTAS are one big unit.

To find solutions for even the most difficult situations, we work together with leading clinical centers in 25 countries.
When I is replaced with We even illness becomes Wellness.


Seminars, Workshops, Practical training for doctors and distributors

Users and distributors attend a full training course on the work principles and functionality of UTAS equipment.
We show that work with our devices is easy and interesting.

UTAS.Training on UCARD 100 for paramedicsTraining on UCARD 100 for paramedics

We are close to you

Service is not only about the equipment. Address your question to UTAS and communicate directly with the necessary specialists. We are the team. For us, there are no impossible tasks.

UTAS.As a team, we make a change.As a team, we make a change.
  • Consultations in the language of professionals, considering real clinical experience.
  • At your service are technical experts, consulting clinicians, developers, sales, and marketing teams.

Become UTAS partner and let’s find the solutions together!

Do not hesitate to contact us and get more information:


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