UTAS at the MEDICA 2021: Results, Plans and Partnership development all around the world

After our four-day in-person participation in MEDICA 2021 exhibition, UTAS Co. can confidently declare successful results in Düsseldorf. From 15 to 18 November 2021, the company’s stand hosted many business meetings, product presentations, and discussions of plans for partnership development in markets around the world.

On the first day of the exhibition, UTAS opened the stand for all the guests. We met new clients and partners, who have been cooperating with our company for many years.

Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021

First day at Medica 2021: meeting with new clients and old friends

The motto of the UTAS second day at the Medica2021 was Clear Demonstration. For our guests, we’ve shown the real work of NIV with a helmet on UVENT ICU ventilators. Also, we’ve demonstrated other solutions in respiratory support that increasing patients’ safety and assist clinicians in a fight against COVID-19 pandemic (read more on our blog or watch video version).

Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021

The second day: a clear demonstration of the anti-COVID solutions

On the third day, we held several presentations of UTAS medical equipment. Our guests learned about new solutions for the UVENT ICU ventilators and UM 300 patient monitors. For example, one of the new features in the monitors is the Automated Anesthesia Card. It allows clinicians to record real events in the operating room and the patient’s reactions.

Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021

Third day: presentations of products, new solutions and projects

On the fourth day, we held meetings with long-term partners and distributors. They represent UTAS Co. in more than 30 countries all around the world. It’s a pity, but due to the current restrictions, not all our friends were able to attend the exhibition. However, all meetings were full of optimism and new ideas. We are confident that many new projects are waiting us ahead.

Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021Medica 2021

Fourth day. Meetings, networking and plans for the future

So see you at the Medica 2022 on 14-17 November 2022!

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